Threatened Birdlife!

If any of you are interested in Birdlife & what the news is on species that are threatened throughout Australia I am including some news from the National web site here.


some birds featured including-  (on right) Victorias -ORANGE BELLIED PARROT



The Mallee Fowl- a fascinating & very vulnerable species.

Having spent many years in the mallee I learnt a great respect for these amazing little birds! I have seen many nesting mounds over the years, and I have an understanding of their habits, their specialised nesting arrangements and I can totally believe that they have been added to the endangered list -simply because they are ground dwellers and very vulnerable. There are so many predators now -with feral cats and dingoes and of course the humam element. If you have never seen a nest or mound !  and you ever get the chance to go and see our wonderful Mallee Fowl in their natural habitat!    I'm sure there are parks where you can go & see them! in South Australia or Victorian Mallee regions!


Bony Mountain birdlife! (not threatened)

We have now been at Bony Mountain for over 12 years. In that time our bird population has swollen to very large numbers indeed with many different species and some new visitors altogether. We have a large family of Kookaburras- Magpies- Cockatoo- various sorts of Parrots- Grass Parrots-King Parrots. But the biggest influx has been smaller birds- tiny birds even- little finches- wrens- blue wrens- Willie Wagtails- Pidgeons- Apostle Birds- Kingfishers- Honey Eaters- . There were virtually no small birds here when we first moved onto the property. But since planting quite a few grevillias- Bottlebrush- Ttree- and many more ground covering plants- native bushes they have helped to create a much better habitat here for the little critters!  Our garden sounds like a giant bird avery every morning-such wonderful activity!