We are still getting showers-rain-had over the inch now during the last month. It has fallen very nicely and is really going down into the soil! I have sewn a lot of grass seed on the Festival site-filling up bare spots- planting some new trees- Planted a very large -native/flowering/          -will grow up to 30 metres! I hope it will grow that tall-will be a top shade tree. Got some more olive trees also- and two Wisteria- blue not sure where yet? grass is growing madly -so lots of mowing due.  Just purchased a Nesting Box from Warwick Mens Shed- it is a pretty regular box & suitable for so many birds! so that will be going up - and hoping to get a lot more! One of our bird loving mates brought a lot of (small logs) over to place in the trees to provide nesting sites for our birds! so we have made a fair start. 

My Granddaughter Bella- loves the daisies too.

My Bougainvillea! burnt orange -it nearly died after frosts & a dry spell-but then suddenly flowered!
Flowering now in October.

Our driveway with Casuarinas & Peppercorns! not politically correct the old Peppercorn ,but an Aussie icon ! and a tree is a tree is a tree!

I have had some comments on planting Peppercorns (or Pepperinas) as the locals call them, but I grew up with Peppercorn trees & we learned from (Roc) our old stallion that the peppercorns are marvelous for arthritis!  Horses will always self medicate if they can, and select medicinal plants, Peppercorns (medicinal) and Willow (medicinal) they contain Aspirin. I recall one little Qtr Horse mare (pregnant) used to stop & eat one particular native plant! it was obvious it gave her something she needed. Everyone with cattle or horses should consider what they grow in the paddocks with self medication in mind! makes sense to me. Looking at our corridors now though I have had success with the Brigalow, Kurrajongs, (not many) Bushy Sugar Gums ,are a bit touchy-(need more water) . But as I said the SHEOAKS Casuarinas win the award for the most rewarding ,most suitable trees here!  And a mate stopped the other day to have a yarn and he suggested if I plant enough of them the Black Cockatoos might move in ?  We love Black Cockys, we had them at Uralla in New England but they do live here! They can be a bit destructive they just about ate our Hakeas , but enjoyed having them around. The hakea are a beautuful bush they do grow here naturally and their seeds are great food for the bigger birds, so I should look at an understory of Hakea? the ideal habitat for so many birds . Looking at all we have planted here & with summer looming, it just inspires me to plant even more! Simply because a dense habitat protects all of us, but mostly our birds, our Wallabies, Kangaroos, they really appreciate the shade, shelter and Koalas can pop up any tree as protection instead of covering large open spaces where they become vulnerable! After the tornado we had here a few years ago my Neighbour (in his wisdom) got the bulldozer in and flattened nearly all the trees on his side, our western side which has become a windswept no mans land for wildlife! I do look on the positive though, at least we will never be burnt out from that side.  But no rest ! more planting/mulching/ etc for 2017 when the weather is nicer.


Fruit trees in bloom! my dwarf Peach! but this was last year, it is not so pretty this year!

My poplar hedge that I have established along the Eastern side of the bungalow! a lovely green cool oasis I'm growing my pots there.

So proud of this western corridor we now have the odd koala using this tree line to travel down to the Condamine river. Previously this paddock was open & bare and provided no protection. (LOOKING UP TOWARD HOUSE)

A HIMALAYAN ORCHID, I know it is a bit off the track, but it is gorgeous!