What a fantastic start to 2021 -all this beautiful rain. All the trees -corridors are thriving- the orchard- we lost stuff- but it has certainly weeded out the trees that need too much water- this is light soil (sandy) up on the ridge- blacl soil down the front- but each has its own merit. And both respond so well to the rain . So lots of replacement planting due to happen now- plus a big (dirt bank) alongside our Bungalow - it will be planted up with all natives- Grevillias- Callistimons- Ground cover- some pig face even! The birds will love it-and we can sit and enjoy the show! as soon as it is all pushed up- the dirt arrived yeaterday!   can't wait to start planting- photos coming soon!


    I fell in love with these -their flowrs are quite spectacular! and the fruit-contains massive amounts of Vitiman C these were all grown from cuttings- easy to grow- very attractive! birds love them too!


    A very thorny Bouganvillia- will provide excellent protection for birds nests- too thorny for cats! This one is trained to grow up this iron bark.


    Quite a few of our Casuarinas have put out runners- and are multiplying - don't really mind- because the birds love the little groves & spend a lot of time in these trees!